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Keeping up with technology is hard to do, but we have all the latest and up to date equipment that exists. It can be overwhelming dealing with all the different applications that can be installed, so please let us help.

Customer Service

This is very important to us. We try our best to provide our customers with service and results in a timely manner.Feel free to contact us at (304) 882 3336 with any questions.

Security System Installs

FREE Estimates. All security systems are installed by yours truly, never contracted out by companies who don't have to live up to the work done. We want it done right the first time.

24/7 Monitoring Solutions

"Monthly cost do apply". Connect by Lan-line or cellular radio. In an actual event (alarm) you will be notified by COPS Monitoring who is a UL certified fire, medical, and burglary monitoring company. Monthly payments go to James Alarm and in turn we pay your account "CONTRACT FREE".

Mobile App

FREEDOM. No more worries of trying to remember if the alarm was armed or not, giving a contractor or pet sitter codes or even adjusting the thermostat. Simply open the smart mobile device application and take control for yourself no matter your location (cell service and home wifi may be required).

Video Monitoring

Quality. Clear. Professionally installed. Warranties. Mobile viewing. No monthly cost. DVRs with a minimum 1TB, record video for weeks and automatically overwrites. 4,8 or 16 channel availability.

Whole Home Alarm Systems

Our alarm systems cover all ends. Door contacts, glass breakage, motion and smoke detectors are all what we consider to be basic. Door contacts are hidden, glass breaks are on walls or ceilings, motions for that just Incase and smoke alarms are for your every minute life safety. Additional equipment such as CO, heat-detectors and flood sensors are also available upon request.

Our Partners

We partner with some of the best in the business to provide you with the ultimate experience. Contact us today to find out what services we can connect you with for the best service.


We have options to fit everyones budget.



Landline services are for the customer that has a very minimal monthly allowable or has very undependable cellular service.
The alarm panel hooks to the home phone line and communicates to our monitoring stations.

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Cellular radios are a wireless route for the customer who do not have dependable Land Line or home phone. We find this cellular (wireless communications) route to be the majority of both new installs and upgraded home monitoring. Must have cellular service.

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Cell radio communications, mobile or remote access, and video. Add wireless cameras for viewing your home or store video clips of an event during an alarm. Allow up to 4 cameras before monthly charges change. Cellular service required and Home WIFI.

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